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Everything you need to know about the rules of the event and the technical informations

Rules 2021

  1. Gruppo Atletico Palio Città della Quercia is organising in Rovereto, with the approval of FIDAL (Italian Athletic Federation), the 57th edition of Palio Città della Quercia, an international World Athletics Continental Silver Tour meeting for men and women.
  2. The event, where Junior, U23, and Senior category are admitted, will take place on Tuesday the 31st of August 2021 at the Stadio Quercia in Rovereto, with tracks and platforms made of REGUPOL AG by BSW-REGUPOL GmbH.
  3. Participation limits:
    100m (10″35) 100m (11″60)
    400m (46″70) 400m (53″50)
    800m (1’47″50) 800m (2’04″00)
    3000m (8’00″00) 3000m (9’05”00)
    110hs (13″90) 100hs (13”40)
    HJ (2.24) TJ (13.50)
    LJ (7.80) JT (56.00)
    SP (19.50)
    1500m U23 (invitation only) 1500m U23 (invitation only)
    The program may be subject to change according to situations determined by Covid-19 situations. 
  5. Participation is reserved for athletes expressly invited by the organising committee and who meet the minimum requirements.
  6. Confirmation of entries: registrations must be confirmed by 5 p.m. on the race course.
  7. Technical rules: running races will be held in series. For technical and organisational reasons in sprint events, rounds and finals may be disputed. The decision will be taken at the technical meeting.
  8. The event is covered by insurance policy according to the current federal provisions.
  9. The event will take place in compliance with the anti-Covid -19 regulations (DCPM, Autonomous Province of Trento Ordinances, and FIDAL protocols).
  10. The prize money follows the structure: 1st 1000€, 2nd 800€, 3rd 600€, 4th 500€, 5th 400€, 6th 300€.
  11. For anything not covered by these regulations, the FIDAL technical rules apply.
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World Athletics Continental Tour 2021