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The meeting is organized with the help of numerous volunteers coordinated by the Palio Città della Quercia Athletic Group and the U.S. Quercia Rovereto

Gruppo Atletico Palio Città della Quercia

Amateur Sports Association
The tenacity – represented by the oak, the symbol of Rovereto – has made it possible to keep the organisational machine alive over the years: from the youngest athletes to the volunteers who have seen the Palio growing since the 1960s. A virtuous synthesis between public and private, volunteering and professionalism, with a common goal: sport as a fundamental value of education for young people to build something important.

Organisation office

President: Fabio Marega
Operations director: Carlo Giordani
Meeting director: Luigi D’Onofrio
Administrative director: Danilo Toniatti
Board of directors: Loris Zortea, Matteo Planchestainer, Enrico Gobbi, Ettore Baldessarini, Nadia Manfredi, Cristina Valentinotti, Giuliano Toniatti

Would you like to help us to organise the meeting?

Write us an email to join our volunteer team. Go to contacts! 

Transparency and publicity obligations: Law No. 214 of the 4th of August 2017 – Article 1, paragraphs 125-129
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Organisation - Palio della Quercia